Visual Editor Not Working in WordPress After Update?

I recently updated My WordPress to 3.5 and suddenly I am unable to create new posts using the Visual Editor. Also, My Media Uploaded got messed up.

What the Problem Is ?

When I Navigate to the “Create a New Post” page, the editing icons do not show up. It’s not that I am completely dependant on them, but it is really irritating for them to not show up.


You can Use any Other Visual Editor. There are many free or paid plugins to achieve this purpose. Also, Try Updating Your theme or any plugins, which have update available.

Otherwise, Just Download and Install the following Plugin: ‘Use Google Libraries’. This is a Full proof method and works in over 90% cases.

The trick is simply that, the WordPress Ajax Loader is having issues, and it is unable to load JavaScript Libraries. So, We use the Google CDN instead.

That’s all. This should work and somehow, if it doesn’t please post a comment below with a few more details of the problem you are facing. I will surely try to help.

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