Configure the VLC Remote App for Android

It is very likely possible that you might run into some problems while trying to install and Configure the VLC Remote App For Android Operating System. Well, its not such a difficult process and you should be through easily. I will help you out.

Most Common Problem, which users face is the Error “There is no sign of VLC on this Computer”. Anyways, whatever the probelm is this is what to do.

1. Make Sure You Have a Recent Version of VLC. Not a really old one.

2. Download The Set Up Helper. The Remote App works with Linux, Mac OSX & Windows. Here is the Link to Download the Set up Helper.

3. If You are Using a Mac or Linux. There shouldn’t be Any Problem at all. Just Run the App on Your Desktop. Meanwhile, make sure the app is also open on your android device.

Note: Sometimes a Device Named ‘null’ might also show on your android device. This is totally okay, and it means the devices are successfully paired. Just click on ‘null’ and you may start operating VLC via your Android.

4. Windows user might face problems. Thanks to the Flawed Windows Architechture. Anyways, Here is a Decent Article Written which Explains You How to Manually Add Your Computer’s IP address in the App.

If You are still running into problems, It may be because there are duplicate entries on your android phone. Just Un-installing the App on your Android and re-installing may help you out. There is no need to re-install VLC on your desktop.

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