Is All-In-One SEO Pack Safe to Use ?

All-In-One SEO is undoubtedly one of the most popular and powerful wordpress plugins. But, Last year around 8,500 WordPress Blogs were banned by Google inspite of using All-In-One SEO Plugin.

The thing is All-In-One SEO is only a Helper plugin, and it doesn’t get you banned in google. The site will get banned only as a result of your mistake or mistakes.

So here is a detailed explanation on how to use AIO SEO pack, or in fact any SEO Plugin.

All in one seo safe to use for google

Title – In the SEO Title Field, you should enter a title if you think your post title is not something people would search for. I leave it blank, because I tend to use Descriptive titles.

For Example, if the title of your post is “Manchester United Loses Again”, this is something nobody types in google. So, this is a case where you should enter a title like “Arsenal Beats Manchester United in Champions League Final” if that is what your post is about..

Description – This is a very important field. And you should always provide a summary of your post/article in the SEO Description Field. But, keep in mind that the summary you are providing is of use to the Search Engine. You might want to disclose the climax of your post in this summary. This will result in better rank in the search results.

Keywords – This is the field, where people make the biggest mistake by using too many keywords. You should use only 2-3 keywords at most and that too if necessary. Using too many meaningless and similar keywords is dangerous and will result in low ranking of your site.

Although, harmful usage of excessive keywords of keyword stuffing may result in a very high or high traffic initially, but eventually it will result in non-indexing of your site from google.

Tags – This is not a part of SEO plugin, but is a part of WordPress Itself. Matt Cutts, the Guy who is the head(kind-of) at the Google Search Department, himself once said, “I do not use any tags at all in my Blog Posts.”

So, I recommend you to use a tag only if you are sure that there are going to be plenty of posts under that tag. If using many tags is necessary for you, then i recommend you to set “NO-INDEX” for your tag pages. This can be done via the master-settings of the AIO SEO Pack plugin.

disable indexing of tag pages

Doing this, will hide your tag pages from the eyes of google. This means, your site will not be at any disadvantage in spite of using too many tags.



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