How to Use JScrollPane with Multiple Components in Java?

JScrollPane is one of the most Classy Features of Swings. I Had a really tough time figuring out how to use it with Many JRadioButtons. All I wanted to do was, to create a list of Many Radio Buttons and place them inside a ScrollPane. But, somehow the Scroll Pane wasn’t working. So, after some research on the net, I was able to figure out how to do that.

The Following Code gives detailed Explnation on what to do.
{code type=php}
//First Create an Outer Panel with Box Layout Settings.
outer_p = new JPanel();
outer_p.setLayout(new BoxLayout(cat_p, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));
JScrollPane cat_scroll = new JScrollPane(outer_p);
outer_p.setSize(150, 800); //Important
get_radios(); //This is a function, which would add all the JRadioButtons to the outer Panel(outer_p).
cat_scroll.setBorder(null); //Just to make it look good.

I think that is all. Here, my get_radios() function, gets all the my Radiobuttons from the Database and adds it to outer_p. You needn’t worry about that. You can simple use a for loop and add dummy buttons to test it out.

We have been talking about JRadioButtons here, but you can add nearly everything to the Panel, and it would scroll.

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